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Epic Games Rules

Post  wildeggy on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:18 am

Welcome to the website we hope you enjoy your stay but to be able to stay here you most follow our rules we are easy to follow if you follow them you get rewarded with promotions and prizes If you need any help contact Me wildeggy or Ride The Walrus

1-no spamming up the site if you are found to be spamming a ban will be put in places
2-no double posting (to try and boost you posts ( you get 2 warnings)
3-no swearing we do not tolerate bad language
4-no advertising unless you go throw me (wildeggy,Ride The Walrus,Midnightsoul or the mods )
5-no putting a sig up untill you have 25 post
6- you may ask for a sig after you have 100 posts off epic games design team
7-any arguing with staff or having a go at staff will result in bans
8- no breaking the law
9- no racisms
10- no promoting any sites with out our say so
11-no links to over sites
12- but the right posts in the write topics
13-Please enjoy the debates and discussions and do your best to lead by example in creating a civil environment of mutual understanding, learning and fun!
14-If users disagree with a admin actions inbox one of them instead of agruing on the site
thanks for taking your time to read please enjoy your stay

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